Thank you for visiting our website.  We invite you to read about the work  we undertake to support the most vulnerable sector of society: children.   Please do have a look at the  Galleries as we’re very much a ‘hands on’ group of trustees.  Should you wish to comment or support us in our endeavours, please be guided to the “How to Help and Contact” pages.

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Our first house in Masipumelele was completed in September 2010.  Shortly thereafter a house mother was appointed and in residence are six needy children.  Through her care and loving support the children lead healthy, and fully engaged lives.

The Trust  is pleased to have purchased a second plot, (also in Masipumelele) with an existing home which is presently being renovated and remodelled  (August 2015).

Words from our Patron, his Grace the Retired Archbishop Ndungane:

Quote from Archbishop Ndungane