Speech Therapy Session

Children sometimes need remedial lessons in speech.  One of our little girls has been having classes for a long time and has improved enormously.  Yesterday Stephanie used sequencing cards and through Mama Joyce she told her a story.  Then she mixed up the order of the cards and asked her to put them back in order.  She did it well.  Trustee, Diana, who had not seen her for a while, was so impressed at the improvement. However, she seemed to have a need to suck her thumb and would not sit still.  She loved the high fives, though, whenever she got anything right.  Her S sound is also improving.  We did this for 45 minutes, including manipulation of the position of her lips and nose when necessary.

This kind of support enhances their life skills, which will always serve her well.

At the speech therapist's
At the speech therapist’s