St. Francis of Assisi

The congregation of St Francis Church in Simon’s Town is comprised mainly of retired residents of this scenic seaside village. Many retired clergy also reside in the area. Despite being a small congregation, members of the church are highly active in church and community life and try to make a lasting impact on their community.


The first Anglican parish in Southern Africa was established in Simon’s Town in 1814. That building was destroyed by floods in 1824, and the current St. Francis Church was built in 1837. The original building has gone through many renovations since its creation, and no longer has the appearance of a Greek temple, which is how it looked when first built. The original timber roof structure is still in place. The church was first named St Frances, after Lady Frances Cole who was a very generous donor. The name was changed to St Francis – after St Francis of Assisi – in 1958.

Three wall plaques that had been painted in the church’s original Sanctuary are now mounted on the back wall of the current building, and the church has nine magnificent stained glass windows. The plaques detail the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments and the Nicene Creed. The church also houses an organ that that was built in 1889 and bought from the Tulbagh Mission Church in 1955.


In 1967 almost 70% of the congregation of St Francis was forced out of Simon’s Town due to the enforcement of the Group Areas Act, and moved to nearby Ocean View. The remaining St Francis congregation helped to build a new church for the displaced congregation, and the two congregations still meet once a year to worship together.

Church contact details

Office phone 021 782 3298

Services at St Francis:

  • Wednesday at 9.30am
  • Sunday at 8am and 930am, except 1st Sunday
  • 1st Sunday of month at 9am only

Services at St Andrew’s, Glencairn:

  • Saturday at 6.30pm