A Tribute to Monika

“Homes to Grow” has been running for eleven years!  We look back at all the trials and tribulations and are thankful for overcoming many hurdles.  The journey has not been easy – and challenges will always present,  but it is all the more worthwhile seeing how the children respond and grow with our nurturing support.  Each trustee plays a crucial role, but we especially pay tribute to Monika for her tireless efforts.

Celebrating her 80th birthday, we’ve found a selection of photos from past files, showing her hands-on approach – her love of the children, and her continuous support and encouragement.  Those who know Monika well, will often note how much she can pack into a day, and that she keeps going well past midnight on this or that project.  Always on call for getting the children to various extra-curricular school functions or to appointments for checking the status of their health; waiting interminably at doctors consultancy rooms or hospitals.   Arranging fundraising drives, taking the children on educational or fun outings…. besides the many tasks she undertook whilst holding the “Chair” for so many years.


This nurturing instinct also extends to growing plants…. those green fingers of hers can coax anything to grow!  She encourages the mothers to grow vegetables and the children all chip in to help. It’s also a pleasure visiting her at her apartment, walking through a courtyard filled with greenery: flowering orchids, wonderful succulents and hanging baskets.

During this time of pandemic and social-distancing, instead of inviting her friends and colleagues to celebrate an 80th Birthday Bash on August 30th, she is donating R3000 to the trust.  For those who would like to mark the occasion, she requests that in lieu of gifts we may also consider making a donation.   Also as previously posted there is an option of purchasing copies of  Suzette Duby’s watercolour scenes from past calendars.   As spring comes blazing in with swathes of colourful wild flowers, this is fittingly captured in one of the scenes.

Monika, you rock!   On this special occasion we wish you joy and contentment and many more fulfilling years ahead.


Funky socks from USA

We received an exciting visit from Jose, the father of 2 entrepreneurial young boys, Brandon and Sebastian (9 and 11 years old) who started a business in the USA, designing funky socks.       Our kids were thrilled with these colourful socks and filled with exuberance in showing them off. Thanks to these wonderful boys whose generosity is spread to multiple NGOs who are helping children in need.


School Term Assignment

The Class 3 learners have a ‘hands-on’ project learning about building in this term’s assignment:  House – Home.

For the children to experience it firsthand, the teacher organised a Saturday when parents and children learned to make bricks.

Digging clay to be mixed with water –

The children enjoyed the tactile experience of mixing the clay and water with their feet.

Packing the mix into the prepared forms for drying before the bricks are transferred for building a chicken coop.


Festival of Light

We enjoyed a delightful evening at the Waldorf School celebrating the Festival of Light.  The learners from all the classes had crafted different designs of lanterns.  The children walked across the playing field in front of the school to a circular path, carrying their lighted lanterns.

Class 7 received torches which were lighted one after the other while they recited a poem and then stepped forward together to lite the bonfire.

We proudly watched our little girl gazing with amazement at the flames.

After the spectacle, we (parents and children) went to their respective class rooms and shared soup and bread, which we had brought along.  Joyce had loaned her ‘Wonderbag’ (cooking cushion) which retained the heat of the soup as if it had just been cooked.

It was an evening filled with community spirit and friendships.