How to Help

Financial assistance

The children and adults who benefit from the work of the St Francis Outreach Trust can only enjoy these benefits thanks to the support of our generous donors. You can help them out in many ways. Financial donations to the Trust are always welcome, and we require a steady stream of income to fund our projects. Gifts-in-kind from furniture to educational items are also always appreciated. For those who want a more hands-on involvement with the Trust, there are plenty of opportunities to donate time and skills around the foster homes.

Our most pressing  need at present is to educate our children. Apart from the children who attend Model C schools there are also children with special needs who must attend appropriate schools where they get on-on-one attention and rehabilitating therapies.                                         The costs have increased exorbitantly for instance,  school  fees per child vary  between               R 18,000 – R 52,000 per anum.  Any support would be greatly appreciated.                                                                                         

Additional expenses include:

  • Stationery   and  text books
  • School uniforms, shoes and school bags
  • Sporting uniforms and equipment
  • Remedial teacher
  • Occupational -/Speech Therapy and  counselling
  • School bus and driver

Donating your time and skills

People, not possessions, make all the difference when it comes to helping others. There are many areas of our projects where we need your help. There are opportunities for getting involved in the following areas:

  • Teaching the children music and reading
  • Transport to and from extra-mural activities
  • Taking the children on outings
  • Playing educational games with the children
  • Assisting the children with home work
  • Assist the foster mother with transport for her monthly shopping
  • Assisting  with fundraising

Other gifts-in-kind

We will  appreciate second hand furniture in good condition, but have learned in regard to appliances that it is better to buy new items due to their guarantee and maintenance.

  • Educational toys – on birthdays and Christmas
  • Cell phone for the foster mother
  • Children’s books
  • Educational books for the foster mother
  • Sponsoring a child for sporting activities


I want to make a donation!

Financial contributions to the St Francis Outreach Trust can be made via a direct bank transfer of through direct link to PayPal.  Please E.-mail proof of transfer to

The St Francis Outreach Trust is registered under section 18A of the Income Tax Act (Act 58 of 1962), which means that donations to the Trust are tax deductible.

  • Account name: St Francis Outreach Trust
  • Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd
  • Fish Hoek Branch (code: 036009)
  • Account number: 271 907 185
  • Swift: SBZAZAJJ


Please click on the link and then insert your donation amount.
You will then get re-directed to the PayPal login screen.

Register on line with PayPal or log on if you already have a PayPal account.
The donation amount will be showing for you to release.
Make sure you have set your PayPal account up with a debit card.


I want to help out with my time or services!

To help help out with any of the above activities please contact us by clicking here. We would love to hear from you, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know how you can get involved.