St Peter’s Mission Visit and the “Love Quilts”

The St Francis trust members are grateful for the tremendous input and fellowship they have gained from partnering with their overseas associates.  They inject a fulfillment of purpose and the “Homes to Grow” project benefits from their ongoing committment.

Dynamic in so many ways:  in their giving, faith, support, compassion.  This sums up the recent mission visit of the members of the St Peter’s Episcopal Church, from Arlington, Virginia.  Volunteers came to be actively be involved in a ‘hands-on’ experience, as well as the committed team who contribute towards the Love Quilt project.

This year Gretchen Ginnerty, the co-ordinator of the “Love Quilts” came bearing another batch, this time one hundred precious handcrafted quilts.  This follows the trip at the beginning of 2013 when 36 quilts were distributed to vulnerable or orphaned children in foster care.

The first stop was in Pretoria, where Diana Higgs organised the events and an exhibition of the quilts at the US Ambassador’s Waterkloof Embassy.  Half of the quilts were distributed there to the needy children of the Tumelong Mission.

The remaining quilts were then brought to Cape Town and exhibited at the Baptist King of Kings Church in Sun Valley.  Children from the “Home from Home” organisation are the recipients of these fifty heartfelt gifts.

St Peter’s and the “Love Quilts” 2014

News on the forthcoming mission visit by members of the St Peter’s Episcopal Church

By Diana Higgs

In July and August 2014 a group from St Peter’s Episcopal Church in Arlington VA, will be returning to our shores. They will have 100 beautiful “love quilts” with them. These quilts are to be given to disadvantaged orphan children in Pretoria and Cape Town. This idea, follows on the successful quilt shows and delivery of 36 quilts to foster homes in January 2013.

There will be two quilt expos. The first one will take place on Saturday 26 July 2014 between noon and 1600. It will be in the community hall of the US Ambassador’s residence in Waterkloof Pretoria. As there are no organised foster homes in Pretoria, 50 quilts will go to children who come from Tumelong Mission, the Mission and Development arm of the Anglican Diocese of Pretoria. We intend to make the day all about our children. The intention is to have the youth of St Francis Anglican Church Waterkloof Pta, interact and entertain our children. They will have a boerewors braai and will leave the venue with their quilts.

One week later on Saturday 2 Aug 2014 in the parish hall of King of Kings Baptist Church we will have our second quilt expo. Details to follow. The quilts will be handed over to children in orphan homes under the Home from Home banner.

If anyone would like more information about these shows or the project in general, you are welcome to contact Diana Higgs by cell on 0845053549 or by email

Quilts exhibited during the 2013 visit.