It is amazing how many helping hands have stretched out to our children in need over the years.

There are numerous medical professionals who  have offered pro bono treatment to some of our children with physical handicaps. Physiotherapists, Speech and Occupational therapist are assisting us with their knowledge and expertise and special mention needs to be made to the physicians and nurses of Children’s and Tygerberg Hospital.

Our kids are fortunate to get help from 5 kind ladies who work with them every week, come rain or shine. School subjects are presented in a fun and playful but educational way. Consequently the children’s grades have remarkably improved. Repeat visitors are astonished how our youngsters English has improved and how much more confident they have become.

Not to forget the input of Mama Joyce and her assistant Nonshlala who are the most gentle and loving persons close to the children and who have given them a new start in their lives.

Our oldest boy has become a member of a soccer club and goes for training 2x a week. His outfit and annual membership fees are sponsored by our friends from the Netherlands. The transport cost in and out of the township, which can happen in winter in total dark, is  being taken care of by C.van Sydel.

Friends from overseas love to take our children on outings when they are visiting or bake or cook for them and with them.

Others send clothes for different seasons and bring gifts at Christmas and beautiful eggs at Easter.

Our little library is full of books thoughtful people have sent or brought personally.

Mama Joyce works on special speech exercise with one of our girls and uses the  list the speech therapist gives her from session to session.

Frequent visits by the trustees Michelle and Monika and the Social worker Carmen from Home from Home ensures that the children have the best and safest care possible.

Every-so-often the whole family comes and attends the Sunday Service at St Francis Church in Simon’s Town where they receive a great welcome by the congregation.

…………….and all this would not have happened and will not continue to happen without the devoted trustees, who volunteer their time to manage the “Homes to grow” and their children.

Each one with their portfolios is helping to secure the care of our children and the continuity of the project.